Sunday, September 4, 2011

Making a Setlist

Creating your setlist is about more than rocking your favorite songs. A well designed setlist tells a story and has maximum impact on your audience - keeping them interested and engaged from beginning to end.

Start with something captivating and a song that your audience will already be familiar with. This will get them hyped up and ready to rock with you. There's nothing quite as satisfying as hearing your audience sing your songs back to you!

Continue with intensity and play a few more upbeat songs to keep the groove going. After about four songs, your audience will be tired from rocking and could use a break. Slow it down a bit with a more relaxed groove for the audience to enjoy. At this point, you can feel free to mix it up a bit with new songs, covers or songs that you've never performed live. You've got their attention, so use it to your advantage!

Wrap up your show with a bang, and save one of your most popular tunes for the encore. That's right, finish up the show with your audience wanting more. Audiences live for the encore because they know to expect a song that will send them home humming for the rest of the night.

A setlist isn't an exact art, so don't stress. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Start by created a few different setlists and play through them during practice. Go with whichever version feels right.

Be sure to hand your setlist to a lucky fan at the end of the show, as these are collectors items that any die-hard fan would LOVE to own!

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Source: Wiser Rocker

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