Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Use an Audio Mixer

Audio mixers are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in live performance and recording. Here are some tips and tricks for using one correctly!

1. Make sure all of your cables (going to and from the mixer) are plugged in properly. 

2. Plan out your inputs. Make sure you know which source is plugged into which specific channel. Once they're plugged in you can alter each source individually.

3. Adjust the level of your signals going into the mixer by adjusting the gain.  
4. Keep your levels out of the red. If your signals are in the red, you'll hear distortion in the recording. The further down your levels are (in the negative numbers) the clearer the source will sound. 

5. Learn about all of the mixer's features and take advantage of them. You can create a wide variety of sounds and effects if you know how to use your mixer properly.

Having a good understanding of your mixer can also help you when working with other mixers in the future, especially more advanced mixers. 

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Source: eHow

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