Sunday, September 11, 2011

Naming Your Songs!

Writing a song can come easily if you're in the zone and have inspiration. The hard part is usually naming the song. How you choose one word or short phrase to sum up everything you sing about in a 3.5 minute song? Here are some suggestions!

1. Give the song a placeholder. For example, Paul McCartney had written a song that was full of meaning but he didn't know what to call. For a while he called it "Ham and Eggs." We know it today as "Yesterday!"

2. Think about the what the song means to you and what led you to write it. Was it a person? A memory? A place? An idea? Try using what inspired you to write in in the first place.

3. Read through your lyrics. There may be a line or word that really stands out to you in the song. 

4. If you like artsy sounding words or phrases, take a line or some specific words from your song and Google them as a phrase. You might get some interesting results!

5. Go for an over the top title that may not even have anything to do with the lyrics in the song. That's a great way to make the song title memorable and may even be the only title on the CD that your audience remembers... just because it was so out there!

There are so many ways to play with song titles and you can see that we've done just that with our track titles! Whatever you choose you to, live it up and rock on!

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