Sunday, August 28, 2011

Choosing Your Instrument

Once you've decided you want to be a musician, you've got to carefully choose the instrument of your choice. There are many factors that go into this decision. Here are a some tips to help you choose!

1. Expose yourself to many types of instruments and music styles. Go through each family of instruments such as strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion to see if any one instrument stands out to you.

2. Attend local concerts or performance to learn more about how instruments are handled and played, and what kinds of sounds they make.

3. Consider the genre or type of music that is most appealing to you and what kind of instruments are typically used in that genre of music.

4. Think about your physical capabilities. some instruments may be very large and difficult to carry or travel with. Some may require longer fingers, bigger lips or facial dexterity.

5. Visit a professional or a music instructor to analyze your potential. Your instructor will be able to assist you by considering your facial, physical and even personal characteristics.

6. Set a budget for your musical instrument. Some instruments can get very pricey so you'll want to start saving sooner than later if your particular instrument is expensive. And remember, this is an investment in your future, so you want to make sure you purchase a quality instrument that will last you a long time.

7. Experiment with a few different instruments. You may have your eye on one instrument and learn later than playing the instrument can be quite difficult and may not be the one for you. It's better to find out before you spend money on an instrument you may never touch.

8. Think about your lifestyle. If you move frequently or have very little space in your home, a piano may not be the instrument for you. Your instrument should fit seamlessly into your lifestyle without having to make many big changes, aside from practice time, of course!

9. Consider the social aspect of your instrument. Band and orchestral instruments can be played solo or with a large group of other musicians. You can get around easily with portable instruments and can meet up with fellow musicians to play. With a large instrument like a piano, you wouldn't have that luxury.

Remember, this is an investment in you and your skills. Choose the instrument that speaks to you the most and you're guaranteed to enjoy it!

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