Friday, August 19, 2011

Recording Studio Tips!

Here are a few good things to know about recording your music in a studio!

  • Make sure your guitars and basses are strung with fresh strings, and use a good tuner to make sure you're tuned and ready to go!
  • With drums, you may consider putting fresh skins on your snare, toms and kick. If doing so, those will need some tuning as well.
  • Singers beware! A number of factors can influence your performance in the studio, including nerves, energy level, alcohol consumption and smoking. Be sure to warm up before getting into the vocal booth and try some vocal exercises to get you started.
  • Any band member who will be singing, lead or backup vocals, have a copy of your lyrics readily available just in case the words slip your mind.
  • Be prepared to try out a few different mics so the studio engineer can find one that compliments your voices and instruments.
  • Check with the studio engineer for placement of instruments and mics. They do these things all the time and will likely have valuable input.
  • Most importantly, have fun!
The Beer Brothers Band always has a great time when recording in the studio and you will too!

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