Sunday, October 30, 2011

More About The Beer Brothers

Sounds like classic rock but its actually all fresh tracks. Guitarist Doug Ellman uses zero effects except a wah pedal on one track and heaps of slide.Its all vintage guitars cranked through an old tube amp. Jim Keegan has been playing the same vintage Fender J-bass for a millennium and there are no better drummers around than Ray Williams. The Beer Brothers all sing lead and get into intense close harmony and have distinct separate voices keeping each track new.

The Beer Brothers having been on an extended tour of Florida for over a dozen years tend to write about life in the Sunshine State. From the comedic Boca Homeless to the town of Hollywood and well of course something they are well versed in....BEER!

The band has incredible fun on stage and so does the audience...sincere Ray is made to laugh by not one but 2 resident class clowns Doug and Jim. Depending on the mood of the band, the audience or time and space The Brothers can launch into long improvisations that would satisfy any Jam Band aficionado. Just keep in mind right when you think they are getting serious they will make you laugh!

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